A Matter of Life and Health

As you will learn, I have taken my health head on and I do believe I am winning. Through dietary changes, seeking the support and guidance of a holistic practitioner, and facing my dietary foes in battle my life is changing in ways I never dreamed possible. Maybe you are there too, standing on a precipice and ready to take the leap to good health and happiness. If so, join me and we will do this thing together.

Cows be Damned!

Recipes, Ramblings, and a Zest for Life

Longbranch Wannabe Chipotle-Sweet Potato Soup...mmm...

The Selfish Chef and Stupendous Saffron Lentil Soup

Fruit Fly Trap Wanted: Inquire Within

A Little Crustless Quiche for Me!

The Weekday Vegan

Baby Steps

Zombie Fever...or Maybe Just the Flu

Going Public and The Best Cream of Broccoli Soup

Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos

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