Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cows Be Damned!

Coffee. It's my daily weakness. I think we've covered that. Would you believe, before and after that solitary and vacuum sealed mug of steamy tastiness, I am up to something else? I am changing everything else about the way I approach food, living, health and my diet. Not diet as in the cabbage soup kind, but diet as in a total lifestyle change of how I approach food. Ok maybe not a whole lifestyle change- coffee is still on my daily radar. I got the medical ok for that one delicious cup and I go for it. But in the tiny office of my chiropractic internist, I was faced with a direction in January of 2011- no more cow dairy...ever. Then nearly six months ago I got another blow...apparently gluten is a many-horned devil as well.

At a time when I didn't think I could feel any worse, having been on antibiotics no less than every four weeks for 6 months, I started seeing the most amazing doctor ever. I didn't know what to expect, but knew I couldn't feel any worse than I already did. Not only was I constantly sick, but I had massive weight gain over a short period of time and couldn't lose a pound no matter what I tried, how closely I watched my food intake, or how hard I hit the gym. But it was the chronic illness that got me through her door and on a regimen of vitamins, herbs, and I don't even know what. It was chronic illness that tipped the scale in my mind: have some Swiss cheese and feel like crap everyday for the rest of my life or jump off the cow dairy train and hope for the best. I chose the latter.

What my doctor diagnosed as systemic inflammation slowly started to ease. I was sick two more times, each less awful than the time before. I became best friends with Epsom salts, cold wet socks, and a neti pot (really strange sounding I know, but the combo forms a relaxing 'decongestant' of sorts and shocks the lymphatic system into doing its job). I opted out of creamer or milk in my coffee and learned to love almond milk in my morning treat. Slowly my health improved and eventually the weight started coming off.

I am sure I've not learned everything there is to know about my health, not yet. But I do know that I can never go back. I don't know the science behind my treatment and I don't care. I feel better. I know I look younger than I did two years ago, I have more energy too. Throw into the mix a better mental outlook on life and you have me hooked on the holistic miracle that is my doctor and her medical treatment.

Now that I can't have glutens, I am learning about so many delicious foods I never knew existed before and probably would've been too afraid to try.'s out of this world! What a tasty and protein filled little dream it is as an accompaniment to pretty much anything. Almond milk, which I've already touted for its creamy deliciousness, offers more calcium than a glass of milk. And today I found, what could be completely meal-plan altering: hemp seeds! No, not the thc filled version- the protein packed, nutty flavored, smoothie thickening version. With 400 calories left in my dietary day and hunger threatening to push me over the edge, I gave in and made my way to the fridge to compile my smoothie.

Now, I have to be perfectly honest. I think I am making some great meals lately. Gluten and dairy free, packed full of flavor and high in nutritional value- what more could you want? But this smoothie was absolutely unreal. Only 266 calories later and I had a satisfied belly, no more hunger pains, and a clear sign I would make it until morning. The only problem was that the deliciousness in a glass left me wanting more because it was so delectable. Just to be kind, I will share:

Mind Blowing Smoothy of Goodness
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
1 nectarine
1 kiwi
1 banana
1 tsp hemp seeds*
Handful of ice cubes
1/2 teaspoon Truvia or other Stevia based sweetener
Dump all ingredients into an awesome blender, smooth-i-fy, and try not to make another.
*I would like to make note that I skimped on the portion of hemp seeds I used. I wanted to keep the smoothie in my calorie range for the remaind of the day and I was yet unsure how the hemp seeds would agree with my palate. Next time I will increase the hemp seeds to at least one tablespoon.

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